Solar Plastic Fabrication and Plastic Lighting

PN Products is a customer focused manufacturer that produces custom plastic parts. To complement our thermoforming/vacuum forming processes, we offer a wide variety of services. We can handle your projects, stepping you through the processes of designing, prototyping and manufacturing. With our diverse equipment we can handle both short and long production runs, consistently delivering a cost effective product in a timely manner. We look forward to partnering with you for all your custom thermoforming needs.

Alternative Energy & Lighting Products

Research & Design

Develop • Coordinate • Communicate

All projects and customer ideas experience individual attention from engineers and experts in thermoforming. Whether you know what you want for your application, or need additional ideas, we are there to guide you through the design/planning process.



Inventory Raw Materials & Finished Parts

• Thermoforming                          • Injection Molding             • Extruding

• Packaging                                     • Print Services                    • Assembly

• Engraving / Hot Stamping       • Specialized Packaging

• Lean Manufacturing                  • Fulfillment                          • Kitting



High Speed Production • Precision Trimming

• Wide variety of thermoforming machines allows us the flexibility to form both thin and thick gauge material.

• We can thermoform sheets up to .500″ thick.

• Mold sizes capabilities up to 5′ X 6′ with as much as a 24″ draw.

• 5-axis CNC router produces extreme trimming tolerances.



Customer-Focused • Customer Service

• Custom Products for Manufacturing, Medical, Food Service, Electronics, Automotive and Recreational Industry

• Exceeding customer expectations and meeting standards demanded by the plastic industry.