Thermoforming & Vacuum Forming for Automotive Industry

Thermoforming and vacuum forming allow for the fast-paced, cost effective production of plastic parts that can be used in the automotive industry. From bumper fascias to truck bed liners, PN Products can vacuum form and thermoform all types of high-quality plastic components for usage in the vehicles you manufacture.


Reliable Thermoforming & Vacuum Forming for Automotive Parts

At PN Products, we’ve spent the past 40 years delivering thermoforming and vacuum forming solutions to our customers in the automotive industry. If you’re not sure what type of plastic would be ideal for a specific automotive part, we encourage you to consult with our veteran manufacturing specialists. Our team works with all high-grade plastic materials, such as high impact polystyrene, ABS, PVC, TPO, PETG, PET, acrylic, polyethylene, polycarbonate, and polypropylene.

We work with many different vacuum forming and thermoforming machines featuring a variety of mold sizes to produce top-tier automotive parts to our customers’ specifications. Our technicians can provide thin gauge and thick gauge thermoforming to complete projects of all sizes at a reliable rate of production. If you’d like, our experts can produce a prototype and perform all relevant quality tests to reassure you that our automotive parts are built to last.


First Class Automotive Thermoforming & Vacuum Forming Company

With our manufacturing capabilities, we can produce all types of plastic components for your vehicles on a schedule that works well for your company. Get in touch with PN Products today if your automotive company in Minnesota or nationwide is in need of thermoforming or vacuum forming services.